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Motor Oil Recycling Plant – Description

motor oil recycling plant

Lubricating oil after long use in the engine gets degraded. This oil is replaced during the service of the motor vehicle, if the degraded engine oil will not be replaced, it will cause failure of the engine. The disposal of used Engine oil is a major environmental problem if it is not processed safely as the disposal will cause pollution to water bodies and land fillings.

Re-Refining of Used Lube Oil / Engine Oil is a solution to the Environment Protection and a step towards the greener economy. It allows the processing of hazardous used engine oil to recover the base oil from it,for getting the greener economy.

There are several methods of Re-Refining the Used Engine Oil like by Chemical Process, Ac ve Clay Process & Vacuum Distillation Process.

Out of all the processes for refining the Used Engine Oil, the best process is Vacuum Distillation on Process.

Used Lube Oil is generally a mixture of different types & grades of Used Lube Oils, coming from motor crankcase and different industry users. The quality of the Lube oil does depends on the several factors like collection source, usage of Lube Oil, organization etc. Generally used Lube Oil is made up of the collected oil from different garages, maintenance shops, transport companies & industries.


    • The Refilling of Lube Oil in Engine is Done During Service.
    • The Used Lube Oil is Collected at the Service Centre / Maintenance Shop.
    • The Collected Used Lube Oil is Sent To Re-Refining.
    • In Refinery The Used Lube Oil Is Processed to give the Re-Refined Base Oil for Lubricant Production.



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