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Vacuum Distillation

After gas oil stripper, the oil is sent to the vacuum Distillation to recover vacuum distillate oil fraction which is heavier than the Contaminants. This process is carried under high vacuum condition.


Vacuum Distillation
Vacuum Distillation


The heavy fraction of oil is received from the Pre-cut column & is fed to the Distillation Column through Post Heater in order to obtain the Base Oil which is collected at receiver through condenser. The Goyum Distillation Column is specially designed for getting the good quality base oil from Used Lube Oil / Engine Oil.

The optimum Heat Transfer area of the Distillation column ensures the proper separation of base oil from light oil. The structure packing is also specially designed which also ensures the good quality of the oil.

The Re-Boiler ensures the continuous heating to the Distillation column in order to maintain the thermal losses.


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